About the Library

The friary owns a most rich library and archives. The library’s holdings encompass over 10 000 volumes, thus preserving book printing continuity from the beginnings until the very present day. Numerous incunabulae and 16th century books constitute the library’s specific treasure. The books are of both religious and worldly contents. The said wealth is an expression of the spiritual needs and culture of the brothers living in the friary. It is also a must of the times, since the friary – along with a permanent religious community, also used to be the seat of the Province, as well as the seminary for the entire Order of Franciscan Conventuals, plus a novitiate – still present —and even the municipal secondary school. The library is particularly significant owing to its ancient Croatian liturgical books written in the original Croatian Glagolitic alphabet. There is also the extremely rare copy (only two are known so far) of the second edition of the Croatian Glagolitic Missal printed in 1494 in Senj. The friary archives encompass a number of volumes (the first one dating back to 1387), as well as other manuscripts preserving most lively memories of the life of the friary, the brothers living there, the Province and the entire Order. There is also a collection of musical instruments, as well as other precious historical sources concerning Cres, along with mementos of other historical happenings that took place in the region. Everything that exists in this world has its own logic, style, significance and lesson. This is also how also the entire history of St. Francis church and friary in Cres needs to be understood, along with that of the sons of St. Francis of Assisi, who have – from the very beginnings, until the present day – been living, working and praying here, announcing »Peace & Good« in Christ’s name to all people. This kind of lifestyle and Franciscan message is still being carefully nurtured by the present friary community, offering it to all the people of good will.

The Senj Missal

The Collection of First Editions

Adress:Samostan sv. Frane
Trg sv. Frane 6
51557 Cres

Phone no:tel. (051) 571-217


Priests:Fr. Vitomir Glavaš, Guardian
Fr. Ferdinand Ćavar
Fr. Josip Petonjić, Magister of the Postulants




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